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Facial Mole Removal

Facial Mole Removal

By Jeff Warren

If you are looking for effective facial mole removal techniques, then clicking on this article was a very wise decision. This is because I will reveal to you some very valuable information about the options that you have if you would like to get rid of the moles on your face.

Facial moles should be treated differently from body moles because of their positioning. The face is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and that is why if you want to remove something from it, you should do so in a very careful manner. Incorrect removal of moles in the face can lead to scarring which is actually a bigger problem than moles.

A dermatologist can easily remove moles on the face, but this does not mean that you will be free from scarring with a professional treatment. If you want to let a dermatologist remove your facial moles, you must choose the best expert possible.

You should also be warned that professional treatments involve some pain, so if you are a person that has a very low pain threshold, then you should consider having other methods done instead.

Laser surgery is another option, but it can be very expensive. If you trying to budget your money, then laser surgery is definitely not for you.

There is a natural, safe and painless way to get rid of moles. This method involves the use of tea tree oil. Just apply a few drops of this oil onto your moles and cover them up for a few days with a simple bandage. You might have to repeat this procedure a few times in order to totally fade away your moles.

I feel that using some sort of natural method to remove a mole is much less troublesome to the body. I personally used a system that you can use to learn how to get rid of moles on your face. This system outlines step-by-step exactly what you should be doing in order to remove a mole that has been pestering you for a long period of time. You should check out the system by clicking this link: Also, make sure that you visit the specialized site for removing a mole from the face at: how get rid of moles on my face.

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Facial Mole Removal: Do You Truly Need It?

By: Gerry Malanga

Poor self esteem and great dissatisfaction often affect people with significant skin blemishes that ruin their look. Moles can appear anywhere on the body, but they are really bothersome in visible areas like the face. Facial mole removal thus represents a common intervention practiced in lots of countries worldwide, with the mention that several aspects have to be covered before considering surgical treatment. The costs of facial mole removal requested for cosmetic purposes is not covered by insurance; the only situations when coverage becomes possible is when there is a health problem involved.

Facial mole removal is possible by means of three procedures: excision with cauterization, excision with stitches and laser therapy. The excision only is considered to fall in the surgical category, while laser interventions are considered practices different from surgery. Preparatory stages will be required regardless of the type of treatment selected for facial mole removal. Firstly, there will be a delimitation of the skin portion that will need to be cut, surround the mole as such. Then, the area has to be cleaned with a disinfectant substance and then anesthetized.

The facial mole removal begins after the tissues get numb and the blood circulation is limited in the area. If the moles are grown deep into the skin, then, stitches may be necessary. For superficial moles, cauterization of the wound is used in order to stop the bleeding and speed up the healing process. The recovery takes time, but if proper care is taken of the wound, the regeneration may be complete. The risk of infections is reduced by the application of topical antibiotics.

The choice of the treatment falls into the responsibility of a professional and should not be assumed individually. Take for instance laser treatment: it is considered to be pretty expensive and it only works for flat superficial moles. Larger nevi are hard to remove by the laser beam because the light cannot get deep inside the tissues, and lots of mole cells can remain untouched. The costs for a facial mole removal by a laser intervention ranges from $100 and above, but we ought to stress out the fact that the reappearance of the mole is possible within a certain time interval.

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