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General Mole Removal

Mole Removal Surgery – Various Types That You Should Know to Remove Mole

By Adam M Rise

Mole removal surgery is usually done on an outpatient basis. You normally will get this option available in the office of your dermatologist, although many people who are getting moles removed for cosmetic reasons will go to a plastic surgeon. There are various types of mole removal surgery. You can have the mole removed with a punch biopsy, which is similar to a cylinder type device that removes the mole and leaves a slight, round, white scar.

Cutting out the mole is one way for mole removal surgery. The other way to remove a mole involves lasers. If a mole has been determined to be not a threat and is interfering with someone’s life to the point where they want the mole removed, or if the mole is a typical and the dermatologist wants to remove the mole with the minimal scarring, they will remove it using laser mole removal surgery.

Mole removal surgery is not painful and if you opt for laser removal, it will leave a minimal scar. Someone who has a mole that looks atypical does not necessarily have skin cancer, but the doctor may suggest removing the mole before it can turn into skin cancer. It usually takes a number of years for skin cancer to develop in a mole. If a doctor suggest mole removal surgery, you should ask about your choices.

If the mole is in an area that is not noticeable, you may choose the simple punch biopsy surgery. This is easy and relatively painless. It takes about 10 minutes and is done right in the office of the dermatologist and costs much less than laser mole removal surgery.

If the mole is on your face and is impeding your lifestyle, causing you discomfort or looks a typical, then you may choose laser mole removal surgery. This generally costs more and, in some cases, you may be referred to a plastic surgeon who will remove the mole using lasers. It leaves less of a scar. Many people who are born with large moles in areas that are noticeable will want to get these moles removed through laser mole removal surgery. In many cases, insurance will cover part of the mole removal.

Just about everyone has moles. Most of them are harmless, but as we get older, any change in these moles will be observed. The American Cancer Society suggests that we have our skin examined for suspicious moles beginning at the age of 30. Skin cancer is one of the few cancers that is on the rise and is no longer just affecting elderly people.

This is particularly true with the case of melanoma, a deadly skin cancer, that is affecting younger people all the time. If you or your doctor spots a mole that looks different than other moles, or if you have a mole that is affecting your life and making you feel self conscious about your appearance, you should choose mole removal surgery Learn more essential tips at

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Mole Removal Scars – Are You Scared of Having Scars Left on Your Face After Surgery?

By Ian John James

A mole is indeed rather tiny, but it might lead you to big frustrations if after its removal, you are left with scars on you skin.
This might prove to be even worse if we are talking about a part of the body such as your face, where everyone can notice eventual damage that your skin suffered, with ease.

That is why it is important that before a mole removal you seek a dermatologist who can tell you what you should do, what you should expect after the eventual surgery, and the possible of any scars that might appear. He may also mention that age also plays an important part in the recovery process after the removal. Usually the older you are the more it takes for a complete healing. Depending on these factors it might take from a few months to even a few years for small scars to disappear.

The fact is that usually you cannot expect absolutely any scars behind, that is why it can be a hard decision.
But if you really decided and want your mole removal you should search for a very good cosmetic surgeon. He might prove expensive but I think you would rather pay a high amount of money rather than settled for a compromise that cannot be undone, and that you might regret later.

Staying away from scars can be achieved with laser surgery, which is not painful, but that nevertheless still presents a minimum risk of damaging the skin.
There are also some methods that involve cutting and burning, but they are old and not very used anymore. It all greatly depends on the place of the body where you want your mole removal to be done.

If you really cannot live with a mole and you want it to be removed, go to a professional. In this way you are minimizing your risks and stay from any scars that might come after a mole removal process. But also keep it mind that you healing process greatly depends upon the skin, and as this varies so much from individual to individual you will have to accept the risk, as small as it is.

Are you looking for a solution to your mole,wart or skin tag problem that will not leave any scars, then here is my No 1 recommended solution to Mole Removal Scars.

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Mole Removal – Remove Those Ugly Moles

By Davion Wong

Mole removal may be an option for some folks if it is purely for cosmetic reasons. It becomes necessary and is hardly a choice for those who suffer from cancerous moles. Yet there is another group of people who love their moles, especially Asians who believe that moles would bring them good fortune and wealth. Whether it is for cosmetic or health reasons, the procedures for mole removal is almost identical. I will share with you some of the common methods to get rid of those ugly moles at the dermatologist and how you can live with your moles if you wish to.

Before you visit the dermatologist to get the moles removed, consult him to see if your growth condition is a medical condition that is malignant. This is necessary for you to clarify with your insurance company to assess if they would pay for the medical bills. You may wish to note that if your moles are not malignant and you still opt to remove them, your insurance policy would not be able to cover these expenses as cosmetic surgeries are not covered.

In your first examination at the dermatologist, he/she would perform a biopsy. He/she would excise the mole partially, and take the small sample tissue for scrutiny under the microscope. In some instances, they may require to send it in for laboratory testing to ascertain if the mole is cancerous. If the mole is assessed immediately as malignant, the dermatologist would instantly remove the mole including the adjacent skin as a safety precaution. Local anesthetic may be applied to alleviate the pain caused by the excision.

There are few ways of mole removal:

1. Excision and Stitching

This is the most common of all treatment methods. The dermatologist would use a scalpel to cut off the mole and stitch it back.

2. Excision with Cauterization

The moles may be excised using cauterization or burning off with electricity.

3. Laser surgery

Though this treatment is supposed to be the most thorough, it is more appropriate for smaller moles. Larger moles are deeper beneath the skin surface and laser cannot penetrate deep enough for complete treatment. Another setback of using laser is the high costs involved. If the number of moles to be removed is substantial, it is not the best choice.

Benign moles don’t really interfere much with our daily lives and need not be removed in most cases. It is also easier to live with them especially with smaller facial moles. Special cosmetics can be applied over the moles to conceal them. Ensure that you apply high SPF sun block with UV protection to shield your skin from the harmful sun rays when you are outdoors.

I hope these tips have given you some handles on what to do when you are thinking of whether to remove your moles. If you are keen to know more about how to remove moles naturally and easily from home with special home remedies, without spending large sums of money at the dermatologist, read up on my blog.

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Davion is a successful webmaster and author. Find out more about fast, effective and natural mole removal methods that you can apply from home at his blog

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