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Laser Mole Removal

Laser Mole Removal

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What you can find here are concise information and important tips with regards to the mole removal with emphasize on Laser removal procedure. This post is sticky and will always be updated.

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To begin with here are some  basic tips.

Tips 1: Understand types of moles suitable for laser removal.

There are two common types of mole.

  1. The ones that appear at birth, or early in life due to sun exposure. These kind of moles rarely change and are often suitable for laser mole removal.
  2. The other ones are those that constantly growing with some changes in color along the way. These moles need special attention before any attempt to remove them. These moles need  biopsy from a skin specialist to ensure it’s benign.

The types of moles suitable for laser mole removal are those small and flat moles as well as  are relatively newly developed. Those old, large in size or protrude out can be difficult to remove using laser. And you may need to go through numerous sessions before you get the intended results. It is best to consult your doctor on this subject before you make up your mind.

Tips2: Understand the common method of mole removal

There are four common method for mole removal and those are cryotherapy, excision, laser therapy and natural removal procedure.

  1. Cryotherapy – liquid nitrogen is used to frozen the mole and  the frozen mole is then lanced away. Further cut might have to be made depending on the mole’s infiltration of the skin.
  2. Excision – is suitable for a larger nevus where a surgical procedure is to be done under local anesthetic.
  3. Laser therapy – uses a mild intensity laser beam to burn the nevus off. After the treatment the area around the mole will become red or brown. and the skin will scab over as it heals for the next couple of weeks.This is probably the best treatment that you can undertake however it depends on the extent of the nevus under the skin. One caution is that once destroyed, the nevus can come back again therefore it is best done after the dermatologist or skin specialist decides the best course of action for you. Below is the video of how the mole is removed using laser removal technique. In this video you can see the surgeon was using a handheld laser tool to burn the nevus off.
  4. Looks eerie isn’t it?. Does laser mole removal hurt? You might ask. Well, don’t worry ,prior to the removal procedure a local anesthetic will be administered as shown below though this may not always be the case. Depending on type of mole to be removed, some practitioners may not apply any anesthetic as the pain will be very minimal where it is said to be equivalent like being hit by a rubber band.

    CO2 laser mole removal is one of the most common type of laser being used for mole removal. Further details can be found in related post.

  5. Natural mole removal methods – this is normally done using special herbs and also some kind of over the counter product in the form of cream.

Tips 3: laser mole removal healing

After the surgery, the most important thing you must avoid is to expose yourself under direct sunlight especially the mole scar .

Some of the results of  laser mole removal before and after treatments can be seen in the video case studies at Laser Mole Removal Video post. As can be seen from these videos, laser mole removal scar is very minimal, almost unnoticeable.

And for those who would rather see pictures they can see them here at Laser Mole Removal Pictures post.

Discussion related to Laser mole removal cost is available in the cost related post.

Last but not least, though this site is dedicated for Laser Mole Removal tips, we still encourage natural mole removal methods if you got the right type of mole. The full review and discussions can be found here. Some related visuals are available in natural mole removal video category.

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Laser Mole Removal – Get Rid of Mole Without Scar

By Adam M Rise

Laser mole removal is the most innovative way to remove moles today. This is a less invasive way to remove moles without surgery. It is the way to get rid of a mole that is not dangerous to the person who has the mole and is often used in cosmetic mole surgery. If you have a mole that is troubling you for cosmetic purposes, you are better off to opt for laser mole removal than surgical removal so that there is less of a chance of scaring.

Moles can be very unattractive, especially if they are on the face or in a prominent place. They may also make a person who has the mole feel unattractive and self conscious about their appearance. For this reason, may people opt for laser mole removal to get rid of these unwanted moles.

Most people have some moles on their body. They are different than freckles as they tend to be larger, darker and can also be disfiguring. Laser mole removal is best for those who have moles on their face that can affect a person’s life. Many people are born with these moles. Many parents will choose this method of removing mole for their children who are born with disfiguring moles, especially on their face. Years ago, there was not much that could be done for children born with these moles. They had to live with them because removing them by surgery would cause a scar.

Using laser mole removal causes less scaring and can rid the child of the mole without the scar. This can enable a child to lead a normal life.

Even adults who are bothered by moles can have them removed either in the office of their dermatologist or a plastic surgeon who can remove the mole using this new technology. It is non invasive and works much better than its predecessor which was only surgery. The only time that laser mole removal will not be used is if you have a mole that is suspicious for cancer. In such a case, you will most likely get a punch biopsy, which is still the gold standard of treating atypical moles. It is important to realize that most a typical moles are not cancer. Doctors, however, want to follow protocol and get a biopsy of the mole. This is unable to do when you undergo laser mole removal.

Laser mole removal is very safe and can be done right in the office of a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Depending on the size of the mole, it may take a few treatments before the mole is completely removed and a little while for the site to heal. But heal it will. And you will not look like you had surgery.

If you want to get rid of a harmless mole, the best way to do so is through laser mole removal. You can have this performed easily in a dermatologist’s office or even in the office of a plastic surgeon. Learn more essential tips at

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Laser Mole Removal – Moles For Scars

By Mark W. Phillips

Moles are groups of cells that are darker colored than your skin. They are found on the skin: on the legs, arms, torso, face, everywhere skin is, a mole might be. Moles are flat or raised above the skin. They are friendly and they can be dangerous. Friendly or benign moles are no problem at all, unless you find them unsightly or you just don’t want to have moles because they get caught in clothes or while shaving.

Dangerous moles are those that turn into cancer cells and could result in melanoma. Melanoma is a cancer of the skin that is very deadly. These moles are a problem, don’t kid yourself. They need to be removed by a doctor. Read: do not try to use home remedies natural or otherwise if the mole is malignant. Consult your doctor. Then you can discuss options: laser mole removal for flat moles or surgical removal for all types of moles.

Laser mole removal is an expensive procedure, and although it leaves less scarring than surgical methods there are scars left nonetheless. Scars are the least of your concerns if you’re removing cancerous moles.

However, if you want to remove benign moles just for aesthetics or convenience, these methods are not for you. Why? Even if you have the money, do you really want to have the scars instead. And what about the pain; is it worth going through the pain just to get rid of that mole? Is it worth going back to the doctor’s office several times for just one treatment? The surgical method basically involves a doctor slicing through your skin to get the mole out. Sounds painful? It is. You might want to ask for an anesthetic. Then the doctor will stitch up your skin. The end result: mole-free scarred skin. You get pretty much the same result: mole-free scarred skin.

If your concerns are purely aesthetic, and you have realized that laser mole removal is not for you, do try the natural way of getting rid of moles. You can get rid of your benign moles the natural and scar-free way.

Learn how an average guy found an all-natural solution to his skin tag problem that will also help you cure warts and moles. Check out my personal blog at

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