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Miscellaneous Mole Removal

Laser Mole Removal Cost

One of the important factors to consider when opting for laser mole removal technique is the cost involved in this kind of treatment. Basically the cost varies according to the type/size/quantity of the mole you want to remove, the exact kind of procedures to be undertaken, the kind of laser removal technique to be adopted and the area where the surgeon is located.

Typically the cost will start from $100 onwards though as low as  $50 is also possible. It is important to note that this “beauty purpose” kind of surgery will not normally be covered by insurance. However it is better to check with your insurance provider to be certained. It is also important for you to ask a comprehensive cost from your consultant including the post-surgery treatment if any.

Below are some of the customer reviews


by nuttybandito
“…I paid $90.00 for the office visit, and $177.00 to the doctor.  He did it right in his office.  I hope that this helps you.  I didn’t have insurance at the time, but I did pay out of the pocket.  I do not know what the policy is in your doctor’s office.  I think those who are not covered by insurance pay the co-pay and then are able to make payments.  Sometimes, when you are uninsured, the doctor’s office has a different pay scale.  I would ask your doctor’s office the pay scales, and then ask about making payments.  It’s worth a shot!!!!
I had insurance when I had my second mole removed.  The doctor made sure that he put in his notes that it was for medical reasons, that it needed to be removed …”

another by gemini29

“… My son had three moles removed a few months ago. Depending on the doctor, the initial visit cost is between $50 and $80. The actual procedure included three moles and it lasted about 30 minutes. The areas were numbed, the moles removed and he got three stitches on the largest mole (the one on his cheek). That visit was about $150. There is a tiny scar but he is so much happier …”


by Shirlee
“… I have a family member that looked into laser mole removal. Apparently, the possibility of scarring depends on the type of mole, protruding ones are easier to remove than flat ones. He went for a consultation at the Nottingham Laser Clinic as they have an innovative method of removal that leaves little or no scarring and they are the only place in the UK to offer this treatment. It is expensive, £300 for the first mole and £75 each for any others…”

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Natural Mole Removal

How to remove moles naturally? Well this is one of the most common question among those people who prefer less intrusive kind of treatment since natural skin mole removal can be easily done at home. It can be accomplished either by using a commonly found natural elements around the house or by using over the counter natural mole remover in the form of cream via external application. More information can be found in the following articles.






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Carbon Dioxide CO2 Laser Mole Removal

CO2 laser mole removal method is one of the most widely adopted in laser mole removal treatment.

Here the Carbon Dioxide gas is used as a lasing material to produce laser. This computer control laser is highly precised for incising and excising tissues as well as sealing of tiny blood vessel. The highly controlable pulsing action of this laser produces a tightly focused beam which can cut through the skin very precisely without leaving any significant scarring . Due to its highly sophisticated technology laser surgery process , the patience are said to experience less pain, less bleeding, less swelling and subsequently quick recovery.

Below is a video showing CO2 Laser Treament Clearly Explain Step by Step

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