By Jeremy Bishop

Most people have moles, and this does not have to be a problem. However, if you are suffering from one or more moles in a visible area of you body (for instance in your face or neck) you may feel the need to remove it. In this article we will look at the options that are available.

First you should have the mole checked out by a doctor, to make sure it is not cancerous. (The medical term for a cancerous mole is malignant melanoma.)

If the mole is not dangerous but you still want to have it removed, you have three options:

-Mole removal surgery: This is the “traditional” way to get rid of a mole. The surgeon will cut out the mole, and part of the surrounding healthy skin. Then he will stitch up the wound. This method will leave some scarring.

-Mole laser treatment: A laser beam is used to destroy the pigment in the mole. When the area heals, the broken down particles of pigment will be carried away in the body away from the mole. This method can only be used on small, pigmented moles. There is not much scarring afterwards.

-Home Mole Removal: A (usually herbal) cream is used to kill the cells of the mole. This forms a scab where the mole used to be, which will fall off after a number of days, revealing the new skin underneath. Scarring with this method is usually minimal.

To choose which method is the best for you, you will have to consider the level of scarring you will be comfortable with, the size of the mole, and the cost of the treatment.

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